Monday, June 16, 2008

The New Plan - Part 1 of 6

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I blogged before about the Conspire Conference I went to several weeks ago and how I had some revelations during that trip. I'd like to outline some concepts that I'd like to try to live by. I'm calling it "The New Plan" which is always a bad name. I may come up w/ a better one later.

I intend to blog several entries on the various concepts (5 at the moment) over several days so check back. I'll give a quick overview here...

The concepts:
Trust - Is God big enough and good enough to trust?
Rest - Can He take care of my day-to-day worries?
Wait - What has He called me to do?
Walk - What do I do while waiting to know what to do?
Listen - Be listening for His voice to know when He calls you to something.

Prayer must bath it all as well as being a part of "walk."

It doesn't spell something cool or have 7 points (number of completion). And really, the words simply popped into my head (from the Spirit) as I wrote a letter to a friend. I'm trying pretty hard not to make it "catchy."

The first part (on Trust) will be tomorrow.

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