Friday, May 09, 2008

Conspire Conference in Chicago (Part 7)

The last day was 2 keynote sessions. The first was David Staal who leads the children's ministry at Willowcreek (I think).

He talked about "owning a burden" one given by God. Like Nehemiah - something that causes you to "sit down and weep."

Also, he talked about "loving one another" and how we're commanded to do so.

He shared a story of how he was a secret Santa for a girl in class. She asked for a piece of candy, he gave her (his mom's idea) a big box of chocolates.

The point being that "getting by" and "nice enough" is a piece of candy, but that "owning a burden" and "loving one another" is a box of chocolates.

The last session was Phil Vischer's key not address called "Don't Eat the Glue." He shared a great story of driving on a trip w/ his daughter and son. His daughter got sick just after he was pointing out the beauty of God's creation. The point being that kids can be random.

He shared how burned out he was when he got pericarditis and more. And his burden for the kids at Columbine. He owned a burden that wasn't his.

He realized one night that the fruit of the spirit isn't a commandment, but "fruit" produced naturally when you have the Spirit. He wasn't producing that. Paul had it w/ beatings, jail, etc. so why didn't Phil?

Because Paul was dead to himself, crucified in Christ and alive in Him. What he did was in God's energy and not his own.

I purchased a few of the sessions and I encourage you to do the same. I can't find a link to them, but I'm sure you can if you're motivated. Please comment w/ it here if you do.

It was a great conference and I was very refreshed and can confidently say God used it great in my life.

I was able to see Chicago a bit some and spend time w/ friends which was awesome.

God bless!

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