Thursday, May 01, 2008

Conspire Conference in Chicago (Part 2)

After the first session, I saw that Phil Vischer was doing a book signing. I'd been meaning to get his 2 children's books so I did and got him to sign them for my sons. He remembered me from NRB (and emails) and we talked for just a minute and I got another pic. It was great to see him again.

The second session was by John Trent and Kurt Bruner mostly talking about ministering to the family. They had some great illustrations and references to mini-vans and how we neglect these years of parenting.

But that they are the best years! Also, the most important spiritual years for kids though parents are the least likely to be intentional about their children's spiritual growth.

They had some great stats:
* 65% of Christians become believers as young children
* 31% of Christians become believers before 13 years old
* 4% of Christians become believers after 13

Generally it's believe that the loss of faith has led to a loss of family in societies and cultures. However, recent research is showing that the loss of family has led to a loss of faith. And many children today are growing up and leaving the church - I believe the number was 50%.

So churches are starting to see more of their congregation being made up of previously unchurched people. Also, people that aren't believers, but think their kids need something good and figure church is it.

Another good point they made was that the family can't be the church and the other way around. Both are vital.

They gave more information and things we can do to help. A great resource is here:

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