Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Conspire Conference in Chicago (Part 5)

Unfortunately in the second session w/ Phil Vischer (a discussion session about his book "Me, Myself, and Bob"), many people had not read the book so it basically became Phil telling the story in the book. Everyone, including me, was ministered to this intimate telling of his story. I believe we were all ministered to. Though I was looking forward to the discussion, I know God is in control and it went just as it should.

Phil talked about ambition and dreams... our dreams. About how we mix up the American dream, the Protestant work ethic with the gospel. We get missed up with mixing these things up w/ God's calling.

He mentioned applying an "expediency test" to his efforts he had heard once. "Which path will impact more souls?" It's a formula and can lead us to measure our effort in impact and numbers.

"Until I'm ready to do nothing (rest) for God, I'm not ready to do anything for God."

Phil read several parts of his book and it was very emotional and he was very vulnerable. It was a great session despite not being what *I* wanted/expected/etc. It was just what God wanted it to be.

After lunch, I went to the story telling session w/ the guys from

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