Thursday, May 08, 2008

Conspire Conference in Chicago (Part 6)

The Timbuktoon session was on Relevant Media and Modern Storytelling. They used several clips and shorts to show how stories can be told visually ("Lifted") and how far Pixar had come ("Andre and Wally B").

Another good point was about how Jesus invaded culture when telling His stories.

We did a great exercise on story construction picking words from a few lists (adjective, animal, trait, etc.) and using the story structure:
1. Setup/Exposition (Creation)
2. Conflict (Fall)
3. Resolution (Redemption)

They also talked about archetypes and monomyths. Also, the referenced a book called "Ideas for the Animated Short."

They had a handy memory device for stories: What's HOT and what's SNOT.
HOT: High energy, Over the top, Teasers (support or reinforce message)
SNOT: Sensory deficient, Narrowly focused, Outdated and Tried/Tested

Next: The last day.

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