Friday, February 20, 2009

Booples Book Featured

The Booples! book is featured here for Friendship week!

Friday, February 06, 2009

FaceBook note

By a Booples! viewer on FaceBook...

As a mommy of three young boys ages ranging up to 5, i have been exposed to every kind of children's programming imaginable. we have gone through elmo, wiggles, oobie, blue's clues; all talking bears, chipmunks, and veggies. we have done ralph's world, lori berkner, all things nick, noggin, disney and pbs. but rare is the find that truly inspires and teaches and reaches all ages. Booples is such a find. it is, in its simplicity, perfect. the shows are short, to the point, and biblically based. each episode teaches a basic principle with brightly colored animation and ear-catching tunes. my 2 year old did not lose focus and wander off half-way through the video. the songs are easy to learn and children do not even realize they are memorizing scripture! i think what makes it so special though is its creator, bear cahill. he is not mass producing these in an effort to become rich and famous (although he probably wouldn't mind!). There is no huge production budget. it truly seems like a grass roots kind of thing. he works on them when he can and as God supplies the means. i wanted to share Booples with you other mothers because i think they are great. they don't cost a lot and they are well worth the money. if our kids are going to watch videos over and over again, shouldn't we be filling them with spirit-nourishing things? and wouldn't it be better to support a brother in the Lord in his mission to share the gospel in a fun and animated way rather than only feeding the Disney machine?
check out their website and let me know what you think. he also has a booples group on facebook!

How great is that? :) Praise God!