Monday, October 16, 2006

Booples "Love One Another" animation selected for 2006 Seguin Film & Arts Festival

The Booples ( episode "Love One Another" has been selected as one of the finalists in the animation category for the 2006 Seguin Film & Arts Festival (

The 2006 Seguin Film & Arts Festival has several categories including comedy, documentary, student, animation and others. The Booples episode "Love One Another" has been selected as one of the three finalists.

The five minute animation focuses on how we can please God and tell others about Him by loving one another. It is a very positive message for kids.

"Love One Another" starts with Doodle Boople asking why Poodle looks so sad. Poodle explains that he wants to love God and tell others about Him, but that his attempts haven't been very effective. Doodle is sure God sees and appreciates Poodle's efforts, but suggests they talk to Bah about what they can do to please God more. Bah consults the Bible for a good verse and shares a song to help solidify the point from scripture.

The song is very catchy and helpful for remembering the point and the Bible verse. Children understand the simple, but hard-to-live lesson. It's as foundational as The Golden Rule.

The 2006 Seguin Film & Arts Festival is the first film festival to select a Booples episode as a finalist. This may qualify the festival to be the official premiere of a Booples episode.

The first Booples ( DVD contains three episodes including "Love One Another", "Not Curly, But Straight" and "Treasure In Heaven." Each contain a story and song including a Bible verse.

All Booples episodes are featured on the Smile of a Child TV network from TBN. The DVD has received great reviews from and is approved family entertainment by the Dove Foundation.

The Seguin Film & Arts Festival ( is an annual fundraiser for the Seguin Cultural Arts Foundation, a local non-profit arts organization whose purpose is to increase public awareness and public participation in the arts in Seguin and surrounding South Texas communities.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Booples - clips from each episode

Booples - video clips now you can watch the first minute of each episode and all of each song online!

Go to Booples - video clips to watch them.

Monday, October 02, 2006

UNT Bookshelf has Booples!

University of North Texas North Texan Online Fall 2006: Bookshelf is featuring a spot about Booples!

It mentions the DVD and the contributors to the songs.